Arrival and public transport

From Bremen's airport you can reach the city centre with the House of Science via the stop "Domsheide" and the central station conveniently by tram 6.
A 15 minute walk takes you from the central station to the venue.

Public transportation by tram is convenient. Tickets can be bought on the tram or bus paying cash. A day ticket only pays off after four journeys or if travelling in a group. For short trips of up to a maximum of three stops, make sure to get "Kurzstrecke" at a discount.


In its 1000 years of history, Bremen managed to uphold its independence as major sea trading town. These days, its port is 80km north in Bremerhaven. Bremen and Bremerhaven together form the smallest land in the German federal system.

Traditionally, migrants left from Europe, and tobacco and coffee arrived in Bremen. At the Schlachte, you can enjoy some traditional ships and maritime flair for the conference dinner. In the glorious times of the Hanseatic League when city states ruled the sea trade in the Baltic and North Sea, the beautiful town hall and opposite the merchant's hall were built. Next to is a beautiful expressionist alley with tourist and artisan shops.

Bremen also features in Grimms' fairy tales "The Bremen town musicians". Although the poor and beaten donkey, dog, cat and rooster never reached Bremen in the story, their statue stands next to the town hall.


At the venue we supply German power outlets fit for type F plugs. Please bring your own adapters if necessary. 


For emergencies, call 112 (ambulance, fire) and 110 (police). Make sure to take out adequate travel health insurance. 


As a maritime town, fish is a prominent part on Bremen menues. Knipp (pork sausage with grains) and Labskaus (potatoes, beef and beetroot) are two traditional Bremen dishes. You will find them at Schüttinger and other restaurants around the market square. Make sure to try German bread from the numerous bakeries in the city. For bars and cafes, visit "Viertel" - a twenty minute walk from the venue or trams 2 and 3 to "Sielwall".


It is helpful to have a few Euros in your pockets. In Germany, people pay mostly cash although debit and credit cards are widely accepted (not always for small amounts though). ATMs can be found at the post office "Domsheide" and banks at "Domshof". 


The main shopping area is situated around Obernstraße in the pedestrian zone around the venue. You can find department stores as well as shops for clothes, jewelry and electronics (inside Galeria Kaufhof department store). Note that all shops are closed on Sunday and some shops might close before 8pm on Saturday.